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Consider this Your Road Map on the Journey to Your New Home

If you’ve done any scouting around for housing, you already know there are hundreds of senior communities in the Portland Metro and Northern California area. Finding the right home for your health and lifestyle, while making sure you stay within your budget, can quickly become mind-boggling—especially when you already have a full schedule to manage.

We’ll do the legwork —at no cost to you. You have enough to handle, especially if there has been a recent medical event. Leave the stressful, time-consuming tasks to us. We’ll manage the detailed research, phone calls, compliance inspections, and tour coordination to help you find a new home in:

  • Adult Care Homes
  • Assisted Living Communities
  • Intermediate/Skilled Nursing Care
  • Memory/Dementia/Alzheimer’s Care
  • Residential Care Facilities
  • Retirement Communities

Step 1, Assessment: We start with a face-to-face (or telephone if you’re out of state) meeting with our senior client(s) and family members to gather information. To find the best housing recommendations for you, we have to understand your medical, financial, and geographical needs plus learn your personal preferences and interests. Our goal during this step is to set you up for a successful transition. We want to make sure you will be comfortable, welcomed, and cared for in your new home.

Step 2, Research: After we meet with you and/or your family, it’s time for you to relax and take care of each other while we roll up our sleeves and start identifying appropriate communities. We will start with our large database of area senior housing, which includes the license history, complaint and compliance records on each community. Our goal during this step is to determine which options can best meet your needs and expectations.

Step 3, Tour: Next we will schedule and coordinate on-site visits for you. We will accompany you while you tour communities. We’ll help take notes, share our observations, explain options, and assist in the decision-making process if you like. Our goal during this step is to help you choose your new home and we genuinely want you to be happy with your decision.

Step 4, Follow Up: Once you’ve decided on a new home, we’ll help you find other services you require such as moving companies, real estate agents, elder law attorneys, and other senior resources. After your move, we’ll visit periodically to make sure you are comfortable and receiving the care you need. Our goal during this step is to continue to serve you and your family, assisting with any concerns or questions that arise.

Ready to get started? Ready to get started? Oregon: Call 503-723-7145 or or e-mail us today; Northern California: Call 209-222-7138 or e-mail us today.