Find Retirement Communities Near You

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Senior Retirement Communities     As seen in the above infographic, “retirement community” is a broad term covering many housing options for seniors. There are active senior communities, age-restricted (e.g., 50-plus, 55-plus, 62-plus) communities, and independent living communities. Though these communities vary somewhat, they are all tied together by their residents: older adults who want to remain as independent as possible through their retirement years. Retirement communities have different types of amenities, such as fitness clubs and medical facilities. Within each of these broader communities, there are subcategories, catering to specific lifestyles, such as resort and golf communities, RV living, and single older adults. A retirement community isn’t just a neighborhood for seniors in places like Florida or Arizona. Today, specialized communities suited to every stage of senior living and lifestyle have sprouted up everywhere from Alaska to Alabama. In this guide, we’ll look at what you can expect from retirement communities in general. We’ll also look at some of the more specialized communities out there. Retirement communities are designed with seniors in mind. That means conveniences, ease of use, and amenities. Conveniences could be a neighboring hospital, a shopping center, or an on-site restaurant. Homes are usually fitted with …

Safe and Affordable Housing

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We Provide Access Safe and Affordable Housing By 2030, one in every five Americans will be over age 65, and our nation will face a severe shortage in appropriate housing to meet their needs. As people age, they need housing that is structurally and mechanically safe and that accommodates people with disabilities. Those 50 and older also need safe communities, adequate transportation options and access to grocery stores, doctors and community activities. AARP Foundation is developing strategies to address the senior housing crisis and make all of our communities affordable and welcoming for people regardless of age or physical ability.

Prevent falls with medical alert systems for seniors

Best Medical Alert Systems With Fall Detection for Seniors

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Best Medical Alert Systems With Fall Detection for Seniors When you have a loved one needing care it’s likely you will need a Medical Alert Systems in their home. Today we will look at some of the best Alert Systems. What are the best medical alert systems with fall detection? Which medical alert systems come with fall detection? Who has the best fall detection? What is the highest rated medical alert system for seniors? What medical alert device does AARP recommend? What is the best fall prevention system? Get caregiver alerts and 24/7 Urgent Response through any Medical Alert Systems A remote caregiving service to help care for those you love With a Medical Alert Systems, you can create activity-based alerts that let you confirm your loved one’s wellbeing with a quick glance at your phone. It helps keep you in the loop, while preserving their independence. Build a team around your loved one Respect Independence and Dignity As much as you’re available for your loved one, life can get in the way. That’s why with any Medical Alert Systems, friends and family can be included in your loved one’s circle of support. So even if you’re not around, you’ll …