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4 Crafting Ideas for Seniors With Dementia This Spring

Jennifer Kem Senior Living Tips Leave a Comment

A Bounty of Fun Crafts to Do With Seniors Spring is in the air, and the weather may not yet be exactly perfect for outdoor activities with your senior loved one. But the turning of the season can bring a sense of restlessness to many of us, even those experiencing Alzheimer’s or dementia caused by other conditions. With all this in mind, it’s important to remember that seniors experiencing dementia need to engage with life in some meaningful and active way, just as the rest of us do. While seniors with dementia may or may not be in a position to work or enjoy the activities that they once used to, they can still get a sense of accomplishment and purpose from working on something special. For many seniors experiencing dementia, crafts and crafting are an excellent outlet for pent up energy, and a meaningful way to engage in something ongoing and special. Here are four terrific ideas for spring craft projects that you can work on with your senior loved one coping with dementia.