Losing a Loved One: Bereavement – Cope with Grief over the Loss of a Loved One

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Losing a Loved One.

Losing a Mother. I was sure that as I cared for my mother for 5 ½ years expecting that she would die at
any time, that I would be fine when I lost her. I thought I was prepared for the inevitable. I was wrong.
Losing a person that has been your focus for 5 ½ years cannot be easy.

Losing your mother is not easy.

We have to remember that our mothers have been our anchor for our entire life. Even though they are
failing, if we have a problem, we discuss it with Mom, first and foremost. Mom always supports us or
gently, sometimes not so gently, guides us.

I find myself wandering from room to room thinking I have so much to do only to accomplish nothing. I
am overwhelmed and when I want to discuss it, my sounding board is not there. I wonder constantly
why I am all alone and want it that way. As a result, I realize that I am sad, very sad. I am missing someone
who I have counted on for my whole life. She was not always in the same town, same state or the same
home but she was always there.

How long will this sadness be with me? When will I get over being Violet’s daughter and just be me and
depend on me?

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