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Portland’s Best: Ranking the Top Rated Senior Living Facilities

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Top Rated Senior Living Facilities

Portland’s Best: We help you Rank the Senior Facilities near you according to your priorities.

Need to find the best Senior living facilities in Portland? We give you an insider’s perspective starting with our trained placement specialists. When you call we listen to what you need and discuss our list of the top-rated options near you. Finding the right Senior living facility for you or your loved one doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With our trained placement coaches the top-rated independent living facilities near Portland, Oregon, are at your fingertips. We provide all you need with one phone call so you can get an insider’s perspective and make a more informed decision.

Before you call:

Prioritize Features that Matter Most to you.

When deciding which Senior living facility is right for you or your loved one, it’s important to prioritize the features that matter most. We help you make a plan and consider factors that you may not know about. As we age there are increases in care which in turn effect the following:

  • Safety and Security,
  • Amenities,
  • Activities and Services Provided,
  • Location and Accessibility,
  • Cost,
  • and Staff Experience.

Golden Placements specialists phone call is free and we have thoroughly researched these option to make sure their facilities offerings meet your needs. We listen to you as we do we help you plan for your future or the future of your loved one.

We Schedule a Tour at your top Facilities.

Before committing to an Senior living facility, it’s important to take a tour and see it in person.  We may schedule one or two tours of Senior living facilities. These Senior living options are chosen based on our phone or in-person conversations. During the tour, one of our Adult Planning Coaches will help you ask the right questions. Typically we have already tailored our visit to the community and facilities specific to your needs which we noted during our phone call. In essence, much of the heavy work is done for you with one phone call. Here is what we have already done:

  • We learn about each facility.
  • We understand each facilities offering of services and amenities.
  • We continue to forge deep relationships with the operators of each facility.
  • Additionally, with these friendships we are better able to give you the insider track on which facilities are best for your plans.
  • We introduce you to the staff and other residents who will be with you or your loved one.

When you have specific questions or concerns you can call us. We share our resources, our connections and our insider knowledge with you on the tour. A tour is one of the best way to help you determine which place is the right place for you or your loved one.

We help you Look Into Financial Aid Availability and Options.

When considering any Senior living facility, finding what financial aid options are available adds an extra important detail to investigate.  Our staff researches the State Law and takes course to help train for such situations. We are your Senior Living Planning Advisor for much of what you or your loved one will need in the future as we gain in years. We have the details for you to Check to see if the facility offers reduced rates, discounts, a sliding scale fee structure, or other payment assistance options. In addition to government subsidy programs, many facilities offer services, out-patient services and scholarships which can help reduce the overall cost of care.  

Custom Senior Living Facilities from Golden Placements:

In conclusion, Customized personal Senior Living plan means healthy living for the family. It is always a good time begin planning to find a place for mom! Wide variety of Portland Adult Care Centers and their various options are easily narrowed down by Golden Girls specialists. We can help you find a perfect match! Here are more resources to help you learn more about our services:

Diane Delaney, Placement Specialist Extraordinaire

Diane Delaney, Golden Placement Services
Diane Delaney

Delaney is the founder of Golden Placement Services. She began this business with a healthy dose of compassion for  helping families make educated decisions regarding senior placement. Focused to relieve stress in uncertain senior housing crucial moments.  Diane brings about loving change of lifestyle with grace. Additionally, Diane is an accomplished executive manager, Director of Operations in senior housing. Emphatically, she enjoys sharing her experience by writing about the full spectrum of the transition process for seniors and family members. Read more from Senior Placement Specialist Diane: Ultimate Senior Living Resource Guide >>

LaVona Tomberlin, Senior Placement Specialist

LaVona Tomberlin
LaVona Tomberlin

Tomberlin brings a high level of education and experience to you as your Senior Placement Specialist at GPS. She loves writing about improving the lives of Elderly working in private care and in-home care for over 36 years. Geriatrics, Memory Care. Plus, she holds Master of Psychology Behavioral Health with the goal of advocating for those who needed a voice. Basically, LaVona believes helping the families to make good decisions and to relieve their stress in uncertain times makes life worthwhile!

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