Helping You Find the Right Home for Your Health and Lifestyle 

Some Things in Life Require an Expert. Golden Placements Services(GPS) is a No Cost Guidance & Referrals Service for any level Assisted Living a Locator Service with many extras.
GPS is a Local Senior Living Guidance Service at No Cost to you. We guide your personal
experience helping you place a loved one in a new home providing custom quality care. We
take the guesswork, tours, appointments, and research out of your way so you can have a
fulfilling, reassured and joyful experience with the satisfaction of knowing your loved one is in
their perfect place to live life to its fullest.

If you’ve done any scouting around for housing, you already know there are hundreds of senior communities in the Portland Metro and Northern California area. Finding the right home for your health and lifestyle, while making sure you stay within your budget, can quickly become mind-boggling especially when you already have a full schedule to manage.

  Assisted Living Communities

  Intermediate/Skilled Nursing Care

  Memory/Dementia/Alzheimer’s Care

  Residential Care Facilities

  Retirement Communities


Our Rates

  We’re a registered referral agency with the Oregon DHS

  • We’re an agency in good standing
  • We comply with all regulations regarding long-term senior living advisors
  • See our full disclosures

  Our referral services are No Charge to seniors and families

  • We have contracts with senior communities and homes
  • They pay us a flat referral fee – not a percentage of rent or care
  • There’s no padded costs for using our service
  • You get 100% unbiased referrals

  We have no ownership or vested interests in any senior living community

  We partner with you so you can make the best decisions for your situation

  We give full disclosure

  We ask for full disclosure

When you’re ready to start working together, download, sign and bring the form to our first meeting.