Handsome man helping elderly dashing gentleman to Navigate Care Facilities for Loved One

Quality Placement for Seniors

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Handsome man helping elderly dashing gentleman to Navigate Care Facilities for Loved OneQuality Placement for Seniors

by Millie Jones

How to Navigate Care Facilities for Your Loved One

Do your parents have different living care needs? Quality Placement for Seniors is important to you Let’s discuss Care Facilities for Your Loved One. Maybe your father needs extensive medical or memory care, and your mother can live independently. Perhaps the situation is reversed. Or, perhaps your parents’ needs are a little different than those scenarios.

Whatever the case, it can be challenging to know what to do when your parents require different living care services. Not only can it cause tension for your parents, but it can also put a strain on other relationships in your family. Fortunately, with the support of Golden Placement Services and the strategies below, there are some things you can do to smoothly navigate the process and make decisions that benefit everyone involved.

Have a Conversation

As with any other significant life change, it’s best to discuss care communities and facilities with your loved ones before making any decisions. Your parents may want to continue living together, but you will need to consider each one’s needs to determine a feasible option. If it becomes too difficult to care for your loved one, it may be necessary to pursue an alternative living arrangement.

It is not uncommon for parents to live separately in their senior years. It comes down to several factors, such as personal preferences, financial resources, and the senior living communities available in your area. If you determine that your loved one will need to move into a care facility, research the best facilities in your area and try to visit each one in person.  

Figure Out What to Do With the Home

If your parents are moving out of their current home, you will need to determine what to do with the house. Many seniors benefit from selling their homes for cash to cover the cost of care.

Take time to calculate the assets accurately. The home equity will determine how much cash your parents receive after the home sale. To get the equity amount, take the home’s market value and subtract the amount your parents still owe on the mortgage  

Help With the Downsizing

Downsizing belongings can be an overwhelming experience for seniors. This is why you should plan to help your parents determine what to do with all their belongings. It’s best to plan the move as early as possible so that you have more time to sift through belongings and determine what to keep, sell, donate, or discard.

Go through each room and space of your parents’ home, and sort every item into a designated pile for selling, donating, or trashing. Allow your loved ones to reflect on the significance of each item before deciding what to do with it. And if you already know where your parents will live, consider their new living space when deciding what furniture, decor, and other items to take with them.  

Manage the Living Care Separation

If your parents decide to live separately, you will want to help them manage the new circumstances. For example, help your mother or father secure transportation when they want to visit the loved one at the care facility. Come up with a schedule that allows for visitations from any family member who wants to stay connected. Along with avoiding double bookings and lightening your load, a detailed plan will help relieve stress from your parents.

Also, remember to maintain your self-care as you walk your parents through this challenging process. Eat a blanched diet, and try to stay physically active. Moreover, try to keep a consistent sleep schedule and engage in relaxing activities that help you unwind from your daily stressors. And remember not to feel guilty about your parents’ living apart; your family is trying to make a complicated situation as easy as possible.  


It’s never easy when one of your parents needs to move to a care facility. Remember to start with a discussion to determine the best living situation for each parent. Determine what to do with your parents’ home, and take any necessary steps to prepare if they choose to sell.

Finally, help as much as you can as your parents downsize their belongings and do what they can to manage the separation of the new living care. Along the way, try to be extra compassionate with yourself and everyone else.  


This article was contributed by an avid fan of Golden Placements Senior Services, Millie Jones! Thank you so much to our fans and friends who make what we do worth the extra effort.


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