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How Downsizing Can Benefit Your Senior Loved One

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Moving Into Senior Care? Downsizing Might Be Your Next Move

The issue of downsizing one’s furniture, objects, and material possessions can sometimes be a difficult conversation. This can be even more true when it comes to broaching the topic with your senior loved ones, but there are a number of reasons why downsizing can actually be a great idea.

If you come to your senior loved one prepared with well thought out arguments for downsizing, they just might change their opinion. Later, once they have moved, they might even realize it was one of the best decisions they ever made. So, what are the advantages of downsizing when you’ve reached your Golden Years?

Less Emptiness

When your senior loved one bought their house, chances are good that they probably needed a lot more space than they do now. They may have had a partner or children to fill the space up. They also might have spent a lot of time in a work environment and not even noticed how much space they had.

When you are older and have fewer or no other people in your home, that extra space can really resonate and sometimes create depressing feelings of emptiness. A smaller house that you can more easily fill with furniture and make cozy may be a much more uplifting space for your senior loved one.

Less Expense

Hopefully your senior loved one paid off their mortgage years ago, but if they haven’t, now could be a good opportunity to get rid of that troublesome monthly payment. Even if one fully owns their house, a large home can be expensive to heat and pay for general upkeep.

The money you save by moving into a smaller home, renting, or moving into senior housing could go towards health care, travel, or simply providing a cushion for living expenses.

More Safety

A bigger house means more walking to get from place to place, which means more opportunities for accidents for your senior loved ones. Falls are a big cause of health problems in the elderly, and a smaller space provides fewer opportunities for them to happen.

A smaller house could also make it easier for older individuals to avoid confusion and to get to help when necessary. Buying a new, smaller home could also be an opportunity to introduce Smart technologyin the home that can help you monitor your senior loved one’s conditions and render aid faster in case of an emergency.

Less Clutter

If your senior loved one has lived in the same home for 30, 40, even 50 years, they’ve probably accumulated a lot of junk in that time, and a lot of it is stuff they probably no longer need. Downsizing provides a great opportunity to go through all that stuff, rediscover old treasures, and sell, donate or throw away all of that old junk.

Depending upon the condition of your senior loved one and your proximity to them, downsizing to a smaller home may not be sufficient for their needs. An assisted living community or residential care facility where professionals are on hand to take care of their health concerns and other needs may be more appropriate.

Getting Your Senior Loved One the Help They Need

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