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Senior Apartment or Shared Senior Housing: Thank you Golden Girls for being a friend!

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Senior Apartment? Share your home? Our Golden Girls Help you find the RIGHT kind of Housing.

Senior Apartment or Shared Housing are typically living arrangement with non-partnered people, non family. Seniors who find a roommate in senior living communities can experience sensational, witty and compassionate lifestyle similar to that of the 80’s hit TV sitcom Golden Girls.  Golden Placements is with you; travel down the road and back again! 


Those TV ladies, Golden Girls, lived their senior years under the same roof, helping, caring and engaging each other and their TV viewers in a beautiful Senior Home each having a bedroom Apartment. Fast forward to NOW, and shared senior apartment housing is making a resurgence in the Pacific Northwest. All things considered, there are numerous benefits to senior apartment shared housing. Several referral agencies are recognizing and promoting these options to their clients. Our Golden Girls Referral agency is valuable assistance. Through our personalize process, Golden Placements girls vet potential roommates and homeowners or a Senior apartment complex to ensure a good fit for your senior loved one. 

Is Shared Housing or a Senior Apartment Right for You?

Senior apartment? Who qualifies for housing assistance in Oregon? Who is Eligible? Low-income families (80% of median) and individuals including the elderly and those with a disability. Income limits will vary based on area. Your local Public Housing Agencies (PHAs) can provide those limits. Golden Placements meets with you to consider many options about the shared senior housing options. All in all, there are some things to consider:

Housing Affordability

Consider a Shared Home verses a home occupied by a single homeowner. Shared costs within the household can assist the main homeowner. All things considered, anyone could use help with income to retain and continue to maintaining their home. Sharing with a tenant helps with financial and perhaps physical needs of a home.

There’s nothing fuzzy about this math: a single homeowner decides they need a new lawnmower. He purchases and use the mower on a weekly basis. The single homeowner does the same. Not a very cost effective solution.

However, down the street our “Shared Home” of three adults each contribute a third toward the purchase of mower and they rotate the responsibility of mowing weekly. A shared home is more efficient. In addition, if you own your home you can easily find good help and meaningful companionship by sharing or renting a room. Many such benefits include increased income to you as home owner, reduced food costs, utility cost reduction and reduction in maintenance costs. In conclusion, this household has saved Time, Money, Expenses and shared the chore of mowing. 

Safety First

Our friends at NIA funded study, researchers are trying to understand the differences between social isolation and loneliness and how they may influence health. All in all, someone living alone is vulnerable in many ways as outlined in this 2019 article: – Social isolation, loneliness in older people pose health risks; April 23, 2019

Also, a shared living environment greatly improved your quality of life. My mother, a home owner, may, in the future, be unable to support living on her own. These are due to a variety of life circumstances regarding the income she brings in. She may be fortunate to find a solution without an agency if she considers renting a room to someone in her home. As a mater of fact, the shared home or rental arrangement gives a homeowner additional income to support her home. Basically, here are ADDED benefits:

  • Sharing allows her to remain in her home with added financial help in house payments.
  • She is able to afford the maintenance costs.
  • Receiving assistance with housekeeping and other household tasks can help her greatly.
  • Both people are now experiencing new companionship.
  • New people in her life provide a safety net, someone new who knows her schedule and is expected her home.
  • Protection in the event of a fall for her and her tenant. Another key point, living alone can mean many hours where no one knows if she is in trouble. At times, it may be days before anyone misses her. In addition, if there were an accident of some sort, either in the home or elsewhere there is someone in the home who can offer help.

Who Typically Shares Housing?

Lastly, who are you looking for? Sharing a home is a way to supplement the costs of being able to continue to live in your own home and care for it. Let’s consider a few stereotypes for those likely to share a home: empty-nesters, baby-boomers, women, divorced parents, students. A home owner with a monthly supplemental income from a roommate can really make ends meet. Accordingly, Shared Housing and Shared Communities are truly an easy way for a senior to live at home a couple more years. Give it a thought; it could be a Golden opportunity!

How do you obtain a “roommate”? Contact Golden Girls!

Ready to get started?

Firstly, get started with Declutter and Downsizing! We’ve compiled a checklist for seniors downsizing. We want to help you sort through your important papers, update documents and coordinate the move.  Click here to visit our Golden Girl checklist for Moving Preparation.

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Diane Delaney

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