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The Best Ways That You Can Assist Seniors in Downsizing Their Belongings

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Letting Go of a Lifetime’s Worth of Stuff Can Be a Challenge

Over the course of our lives, our space and living needs change. As we get older, children move away, spouses unfortunately pass on, and we may generally have found that we have much more space than we need or can reasonably afford.

There are many great reasons to downsize—a large house may feel empty and lonely, moving to a smaller living arrangement can save you a great deal of money, and you have less home/possession to keep track of/maintain.

But if you have ever tried to clean out your attic or basement, you know that there can be a lot of challenges to downsizing. What is a treasured heirloom and what is junk? Can you be really sure that you’ll never need this or that item again? Here are some tips for helping a senior with downsizing.

1. If You Can, Digitize It!

One space-saving method that your senior surely has not considered is that a lot of media can be digitized. If your senior’s old home has rows and rows of books or piles of videotapes, photographs, audiocassettes or record albums, they should know that almost all of that can be duplicated by a service like iTunes or Audible.

If someone is a true collector, they may not want to part with a treasured record collection, for example. But if it’s just about having access to the music, books, movies, etc., they need to know they can have all that without any of the clutter. They also just might make a nice profit selling some of that stuff to actual collectors on eBay.

2. Bring in the Family

As long as your senior is moving from one place to another, they have a great opportunity to pass a few things down to the family while they’re still around to enjoy the giving.

Bring children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews or whomever to come in and do a little scavenging. It’s a great way to offload a lot of stuff they may not have room for in the new place while still keeping those treasures securely in the family. Your senior loved one can even visit their old stuff every now and then.

3. Three Piles – Keep, Toss, Donate/Sell

Pick a room in the home and take a fearless inventory of what is in it, then put everything into three piles—things you are keeping, things you are throwing out, and things you are donating or selling. Then move on to the next room.

Things you’ll want to throw out, sell, or donate include items that are duplicates of other items in the home, things that are broken that they never got around to fixing, and things they haven’t used in several years.

4. Visualize the New Home

Help your senior visualize their new home and the type of furniture they will need when they are in it. Will they really need three televisions? Will they need a King-size bed? Any furniture or other items that are unlikely to fit in the new living arrangement can be eliminated or switched out for a smaller version.

Done With Downsizing and Ready to Relocate?

If your senior loved one has the project of downsizing completed and is all ready for a big move, but you haven’t been able to find the right new location yet in the Portland Metro or Northern California area, Golden Placement Services can help. Contact us today.


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