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Making the Most of Spring Season Visits to Elder Care Facilities

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Plan Your Spring Seasonal Visit to Senior Loved Ones Today

The coronavirus prevented family members from visiting their loved ones in elder care facilities for much of 2020, but with the roll out of the vaccine, visitations will most likely grow by spring and summer. That means now is a great time to start planning your upcoming visits.

Spring is the season of renewal, so it seems perfect that this spring will see us once again reuniting with our loved ones. To help you make your reunion special, here are some tips and ideas to help you make the most out of your spring season visits to your loved one’s elder care facility. Just be sure to clear any activities you have in mind with the facility as COVID-19 concerns are still relevant.

Decorate for Spring

Nothing can lift your loved one’s spirits like some springtime decorations for their room. Get the family involved and create hand-made art, such as cards or a spring-inspired wreath. Bring some plants to add some greenery to the space or replace the decorations and lights on your loved one’s artificial Christmas tree with decorations and lights bearing spring’s color scheme.

Create Easter Baskets for the Kids

Just because your loved one is in an elder care facility does not mean they do not want to participate in the holidays. Help them feel involved by bringing everything you plan to include in your child’s Easter basket, and let your loved one help put it together. See if there is anything special they want to include in the basket and pick it up for them. Then, hold a video call with them while your child goes through their basket on Easter morning so they can share in the joy.

Watch a Spring-Themed Movie

As the day progresses and your loved one’s energy level starts to decline, settle in and relax with them by watching a spring-themed movie from their younger days, like Easter Parade, The Sound of Music, or State Fair. It’s probably been a while since your loved one seen these classics, so they’ll be sure to love them.

Participate in any Springtime Community Events Planned by the Facility

Depending on the state of the coronavirus this spring, your loved one’s facility may be able to return to hosting community events, such as an Easter brunch or barbeque. If possible, try to attend these events, so your loved one has someone there. It’s a great way to see how your loved one is doing, how well the facility is caring for them, and who their friends are.

Bring Their Favorite Family Foods

If it has been a while since you were able to see your loved one, bring some of their favorite family foods to share with them during your visit. This is an especially kind gesture if they were not able to participate in your family’s holiday celebrations because of COVID-19 restrictions. Giving them a taste of home will ignite their memories, and soon you will be reliving cherished stories of the old days.

Keep COVID-19 Restrictions in Mind When Visiting

Just because your loved one’s elder care facility is allowing spring visits does not mean that coronavirus restrictions no longer need to be followed. Contact the facility prior to visiting to find out what precautions you need to take, and what is expected from you during your visit.