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Senior Living Resource Guide: Get Support Today

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Taking Advantage of the Support Systems Already in Place for Seniors

Though it may be easy to look around and wonder out loud just how high a quality of care we offer our senior loved ones, given our priorities as a society, the truth is, many compassionate individuals have, over time, amassed quite a substantial support network to aid each of us and our loved ones in growing older. From retirement groups to disability services organizations, from discounts to healthcare options, the network is there if you know where to look.

In this guide, we collect several pieces of information on various organizations and resources, so that you or your senior loved ones knows where to begin looking when support is what you require the most.

Get to Know the AARP

AARP is the nation’s largest nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to empowering Americans 50 and older to choose how they live as they age. On the website, you can easily track down national and local info on long-term care costs, job searching resources, driver safety and fraud detection, senior living communities, and so much more. This is a veritable one-stop-shop, with so much to offer you should plan on taking an entire week to read through all the information on their site, here.

AAA, Just for Seniors

AAA is something we’ve all heard of, especially if we’ve been a member and called on their services for a handy tow or a tire change. Safe, reliable, friendly. AAA Senior Driving, part of AAA, is dedicated to keeping seniors driving for as long as safely possible. They also are committed to promoting viable transportation options for seniors. On their website here, users can track down resources to get a safe driving assessment, attend a car-fit clinic to ensure you and your car are well-matched, and family members can learn more about how to initiate a healthy conversation about safe driving with senior loved ones.

NCOA: National Council on Aging

The National Council on Aging believes that every person deserves to age well. That’s why they’re on a path to improve the lives of 40 million older adults by 2030. Learn more about the work we do at their website, here. What you’re going to find: content for care givers, content for seniors, aging with dignity, financial security, Medicare assistance and information, and so much more.

PACE: Programs of All Inclusive Care for the Elderly

According to the site, “PACE was created as a way to provide you, your family, caregivers, and professional health care providers the flexibility to meet your health care needs and to help you continue living in the community.” On their website, you will find information about the program, enrollment, and more, including medical care resources, rehab, transportation, social interaction, and on.

ACL: Administration for Community Living

“The Administration for Community Living was created around the fundamental principle that older adults and people of all ages with disabilities should be able to live where they choose, with the people they choose, and with the ability to participate fully in their communities.

By funding services and supports provided by networks of community-based organizations, and with investments in research, education, and innovation, ACL helps make this principle a reality for millions of Americans.”

Portland Senior Resource Guide

Tons of quick links to other sites around the web, with a local touch for those residing in Oregon. This includes Medicare, aging resources, support for LGBTQ community members, Catholic Charities, and much more.

Alliance for Retired Americans

According to the website, “The Alliance for Retired Americans is a nationwide grass roots organization, launched in May 2001, with more than 4.3 million members working together to make their voices heard in the laws, policies, politics, and institutions that shape American life.” Their mission is to “The mission of the Alliance for Retired Americans is to ensure social and economic justice and full civil rights for all citizens so that they may enjoy lives of dignity, personal and family fulfillment and security.” Learn more about them here.

National Senior Games Association

“The NSGA exists today as a non-profit organization dedicated to motivating active adults to lead a healthy lifestyle through the senior games movement.”

NIH: National Institute on Aging

The website notes: “NIA, one of the 27 Institutes and Centers of NIH, leads a broad scientific effort to understand the nature of aging and to extend the healthy, active years of life. NIA is the primary Federal agency supporting and conducting Alzheimer’s disease research.” Learn more about the agency on their site, here.


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