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Life Transitions: Immediate Memory

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Article Focus: Immediate Short Term Memory Transitions Life Transitions Series is a group of Posted Articles which will help all of us to understand the Transitions which eventually happen to us all. We will ask and attempt to discuss What transitions do older adults face? Immediate Memory #1 Immediate Memory is a new term for me and I have dealt with different levels of dementia for years.  Are you living with a person or caring for a person and you are aware of the fact that they are suffering from dementia? Are you unable to obtain support because they perform well for short periods of time?  Knowledge is power! Immediate Memory is what occurs early in dementia progression.   It is what those closest to a person, who spend extended periods of time with that person, recognize as dementia.  They are able to carry on a conversation that makes them appear cognizant but often quickly forget that the conversation happened. A phone call or a short visit is not enough to convince anyone that they are beginning to lose their memory.  A visit to the doctor does not accomplish getting a diagnosis of dementia because they are at their best …