Types of Care

Many Senior Living Options; Which One Is Right? 

Assisted living? A retirement community? Adult care home? Memory care? And out of the hundreds of facilities in the Portland Metro, surrounding areas and Northern California, which one will feel like home?

Start with Golden Placement Services. We are a free referral service that helps seniors and their families sort out the options and find a home that meets their changing needs. Do you have special care requirements? Preferences about meals, activities, or location? Financial issues to sort through?

We have the experience and resources to help you navigate this transition. Golden Placement Services has an extensive database of elder housing solutions that have been personally screened by our staff. Every day we help people just like you find the best fit for their particular situation. Once you decide on a new home, we can help you find a moving company, real estate agent, or any other ancillary services you need.

Getting You the Help That You Need to Go Through the Process With Grace and Ease

You don’t have to figure this out alone. Professional consulting services are available to you, and Golden Placement Services is here to help you:

• Consider your present and future care needs to avoid having to move a second time as your situation changes

• Figure out which facilities accept your long-term care insurance or other housing benefits so you can stay within your budget

• Find appropriate options close to your family so it is easier for you to visit often

• Do all the background licensing, complaint and compliance checks to ensure you will receive excellent care and service

• Understand the amenities, activities and personalities of each community so you can choose a home that feels comfortable to you

• Locate other service professionals to help with downsizing, moving, selling the current home, and handling related legal and financial issues

• Tour sites we’ve identified as strong possibilities so you can make your final decision confidently

We are committed to making this transition easier on you. We’ll do everything we can to make sure you find the best option for you and feel secure about the decisions you make.

To learn more about our approach when working directly with Seniors, click here to check out our Blog. To learn more about how we work with family members who are caring for a Senior, click here.

Gwenn McNeal
Gwenn McNeal
Golden Placement Services answered! It’s really difficult to have to place an aging parent into a facility, but our family knew it was time. So I did some research, called 15 facilities, and managed to get on one wait list. I also called two companies that assist with finding homes, and they said they could not help. We were concerned we wouldn’t find a place, and if we did, it could be a very poor choice for our dad. Then I was given Golden Placement Services phone number and I spoke with a lovely woman named LaVona. That’s when everything changed! LaVona listened to our family’s needs, was understanding, and within days, she had arranged places for us to visit. How she found them, I don’t know, but she did! She met us there, listened some more, answered questions, and offered sage advice. We will forever be grateful for Golden Placement Services help in making this very tough decision. We absolutely know that my dad is in the right place to spend the rest of his life. And, we wouldn’t have that assurance today, had we not been connected with their wonderful service! They have blessed us greatly and we are sharing their information with others we know who are going through the same process.
Maureen S.
Maureen S.
Our family is so grateful for Diane and her company. They have helped us, two times find placements for our family members. We are now working now to find a great situation for another elderly family member.. Best thing, THEY CARE about each client and their wellbeing... THANK YOU, Diane
Addison Inman
Addison Inman
What a great resource for seniors in this area. Great, honest work. Very knowledgeable.
Denise R
Denise R
They were very helpful and while being professional, kind and caring. They were thorough in trying to find the best arrangement for our situation and followed-up to make sure client's new arrangements were satisfactory. I highly recommend them.